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LED Bars have become more popular in the last few years as lighting technology has advanced. Furniture and hall in our buffet can use this type of interior lighting to enhance the visual aspects, appeal, and charm of an interior. LED Light Strips and Bars can be used in display cabinets, water tanks, Risers etc. Our waterproof LED products can be used to light water features in your backyard or as underwater lighting in fish ponds. VOLKA Lighting will provide you with a wide range of choices on how to use LED Light to increase the comfort and beauty of your buffet.

All our LED products are manufactured from high quality components and under strict quality control. All products are compliant to appropriate Australian Electrical Safety and EMC standards, certified and marked accordingly.

Now, if you already have something in mind and just need a product for your project, please have a look on our LED Products page. It has very comprehensive range of Decorative LED Strips, LED Bars, Controllers, LED Drivers (Power Supplies) and Accessories, pretty much everything that you need to succeed in the project.